Photo Shoot @ Downtown SD feat. Lulu’s.Com


I am SO stoked to formally announce that I am a Lulu’s.Com Affiliate!

For those of you who don’t know what that is – I essentially partner with the brand and support them through social media and my blog in effort to drive sales! I like to be as transparent as humanly possible so I have no problem letting my readers know that I have the opportunity to make a small commission of every purchase made through my link, which is the banner located at the bottom of each of my fashion/style posts.

However, that doesn’t mean I don’t share completely blunt reviews on everything I mention in my blog. I’d also like to disclose that Lulu’s doesn’t provide complimentary product, so yes, I do buy ALL of my Lulu’s items with my own money ( rich bitch, I know ) (JK, my student loan debt could probably feed a small country . . .*sigh*)

Anyway, on to the photo shoot! I hope you love getting a glimpse of Downtown San Diego through my eyes – it may not be the streets of Los Angeles or the New York catwalks – but it’s home to me and always will be.

First Stop: Double Standard Kitchenetta on 6th Ave.


Top, Madewell | Embroidered Jeans, Lulu’s.Com | Necklace, Francesca’s Collections | Lips: Pumpkin, Lime Crime Cosmetics



Obsessed with the interior of this restaurant . . . & the coffee was A++


Next Stop: Beautiful Mural on the corner of 11th Ave & G Street



In case you’re wondering about the star of the show . . . I LOVE the jeans. This is my first time purchasing jeans with embroidery detail and I was obscenely scared they’d look cheap or make me appear childish, but that is not the case at all! I got several compliments on my jeans throughout the day and I highly recommend them. The only negative point is the smallest size, 1, fits a tad loose around my waist. I can’t be too hard on Lulu’s though because that is common issue I have with most brands of denim.

All in all, I give them an A+, not ++ because of the size, but still amazing!

Feel free to use the banner at the bottom of this post if you’re interested in more information about Lulu’s.Com or if you just want to jump into purchasing these bad boys!










Yes, I know my teeth are imperfect.

Just like you and I, they are a work in progress.


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