One Brand Beauty Review – Wet N’ Wild


As you can probably tell . . . I am super excited to be writing my very first One Brand Beauty Review! I love makeup and I am CONSTANTLY trying new products – if you saw my cosmetics collection you’d think I have a personality disorder or work professionally in makeup (or both), but I swear it’s just a hobby.

During a recent visit to my local CVS, I came across a huge assortment of new Wet N’ Wild products and, to be quite honest, I never gave this brand a fair shot. I fondly remember seeing Wet N’ Wild powder compacts and mascaras being used by my high school classmates and I used to look down on the brand because it was so cheap. I later learned in college the actual term for this type of thinking is perceived obsolescence. Since the makeup was sold at such a low price point, it couldn’t possibly be any good – boy, was I WRONG.

After I made the bold decision to pick up and try something different, I figured, ” Why not blog my experience? ”

*insert lightbulb of discovery*

Read on to discover my honest thoughts on a few of Wet N’ Wild’s new releases and whether or not they receive the YourGirlChase stamp of approval!

  1. Wet N’ Wild Photo Focus Foundation in Porcelain – $5.99 


This foundation took me by surprise – I have NEVER used such a deceiving product! Now, before you explode in shock, let me explain. The consistency of this liquid foundation is very fluid and water-like. It applies lightweight and blends fairly easily, however, after a few hours my skin ends up feeling very dry. By nature, liquid foundations are supposed to be more hydrating than a powder, but this one truly emphasizes my fine lines and feels dry around my mouth and lower half of my face altogether.

That being said, it’s not a horrible foundation by any means – especially for the price point! I, personally, just can’t wear it for more than approximately five hours or else it will begin to settle in a very unflattering way on the driest parts of my face.

As far as shade range, there are 20 shades total. That in itself is pretty impressive and I greatly appreciate when brands acknowledge that there are more than three skin tones in the world. The shade I purchased, Porcelain, is the lightest shade and it’s a pretty good match – it’s a neutral, fair shade that definitely skews more towards the light side of the spectrum. I can get away with wearing it for the rest of winter but, if by some miracle I develop any color, it will be too light for me.

Pros: AMAZING shade selection + lightweight formula + natural finish + the price is right!

Cons: not long-wearing + wouldn’t recommend for dry skin types

Here is a visual of the foundation on my skin – I pulled my hair up so I could show how it blended down my neck.


Please note all selfies in this blog are filter-free. I rarely post images without some form of cropping/editing, but here you go. Flaws and awkwardness in its full glory!

2. Wet N’ Wild Limited Edition MegaGlo Highlighting Powder in Precious Petals – $4.99


LOVE this highlight. Love it.

I originally saw one of my favorite YouTubers, Amanda Ensing, use this exact product in one of her glamorous makeup tutorials and it inspired me to give Wet N’ Wild a shot. This highlight is outstanding because it truly provides a noticeable glow to the skin. It actually shocks me how beaming it looks in person and I wish I had a professional camera to capture the highlight better because my iPhone slightly diffuses its spark – but trust me when I say its worth every single penny and more! I’ve tried highlights more than three times the price of the Wet N’ Wild MegaGlo Highlight that don’t look nearly as beautiful. I sincerely hope they make this highlight a permanent part of their line because it’s very much worth the hype.


The ONLY negative, which is literally only applicable to me and all pale princesses out there, is that Precious Petals is a little bit too dark to be a true highlight. I can only wear it if I’m wearing bronzer or blush, as seen in the photo below. Without bronzer, it just looks like I have a strange bright stain on my cheekbones.

Pros: the shine is real + price + easy application in terms of blending

Cons: I wish there were a pale princess – friendly shade


3. Wet N’ Wild Photo Focus Setting Spray – $4.99

You have no idea how hard it was for me to cheat on my wonderful Boscia White Charcoal Mattifying Setting Spray with this Wet N’ Wild Photo Focus Setting Spray . . .

I felt the need to try this setting spray because another one of my favorite YouTubers, ThaTaylaa, gave it a glowing review. I, however, have relatively mixed feelings about this setting spray. Honestly, it doesn’t stand up to my beloved Boscia spray and I have zero intentions of replacing that sensational product with this subpar one by Wet N’ Wild.

It does give your makeup a clean, natural look once you spritz it a few times and let it dry – AND it dries quickly, which is phenomenal. But, I hate the way it smells. SOOO much. The fact that I’m commenting on the way it smells is quite appalling since I’m not one that is usually sensitive to scents in cosmetics. Just take my word for it, it’s not a pleasant smell. Aside from the fact that it smells, my second negative is that it doesn’t control my oil. I have combination oily/dry skin and this setting spray does virtually nothing for my oily t-zone.

Let’s keep it real, I’m not going to repurchase this product.

Pros: dries quickly + travel friendly sized packaging

Cons: smells like baby barf (in my opinion) + no oil control

I hope you enjoyed reading my reviews on each of these items! All in all, I am truly impressed and think I will experiment with a few more Wet N’ Wild products in the future. Keep in mind, Wet N’ Wild is sold in most drugstores throughout the U.S. and their products range from $1.99 – 7.99, plus they are all cruelty-free!


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