February 2017 Beauty Favorites


The time has come once again for my monthly beauty favorites! (Insert heart eyes emoji)

I think I’ve made it embarrassingly obvious at this point that I’m a makeup and skincare junkie who is CONSTANTLY learning about new products and, naturally, I wish I could review them all. Luckily, I do what I can to try out what I can afford without starving to death (God forbid my student loans get passed on to my immediate family) or filing for bankruptcy (which unfortunately still doesn’t rid you of your student loan debt – what’s up with that?). Anyway, enough about my poor financial choices – let’s jump into the fun stuff!



Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Purifying Mud Mask  – $58.00

This mask is oddly potent . . . Don’t get me wrong – I DEFINITElY expect noticeable results from a $58 mask, but this mask is unusual because it works like a charm without any of the burning feelings or discomfort that typically occur with most purifying masks available on the market. Truth be told, I initially purchased this mask as an alternative to the cult-favorite GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment Mask which I LOVE, but it retails for $69. I know, I know – $11 is not a monumental difference, but did you miss the part where I mentioned I had student loan debt!? Every little bit of savings makes a difference!

So for a (somewhat) bargain, this mask is extremely effective at helping to clear up problematic skin. I have been struggling with stubborn acne and congested skin since college and I would strongly recommend this mask for anyone with similar issues. Like with all masks, I like to apply immediately after showering and I use a clean makeup brush for an even application. Please do not let the price tag intimidate you from trying this sensational mask! My experience was so positive, I intend to purchase and review the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask as well because I hear it’s awesome for treating congested and dull skin.

Milani Cosmetics Everyday Eyes Eyeshadow Palette in Earthy Elements – $10.00

All I can say is, ” Holy pigmentation! “

I’d been eyeing this product since it launched. In fact, I used to do weekly check-ins at my local CVS just to see when they’d start carrying it but no such luck. I wasn’t expecting to ever actually purchase this product since it never showed up on the shelves of my regular CVS, but the universe has a funny way of bringing goodness into my life because I later found it at a random CVS miles and miles away from where I live. Some might say it’s fate. Some might say I’m reading way too much into the standard practice of product allocation in retail.


Some of the shades in this little palette are legit dupes for high-end eyeshadows. For example, the orange shade is almost identical to Realgar from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette! If you’re interested in a cheaper palette for creating natural looks with warm tones and some shimmer shades – this is a GREAT option.

BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel 14 Color Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette – $14.50

Let me get one thing straight – I love Carli Bybel. I thinks she’s drop dead gorgeous and I’m infatuated with her YouTube Channel.

She seems like one of the most glamorous yet genuinely kind and good-hearted people on the internet. As soon as I found out she collaborated with BH Cosmetics to create a an eyeshadow palette, I knew I had to have it. I had never used a single BH Cosmetics product before but I wanted this palette because it had Carli’s name on it. Now, this palette is pretty decent. It’s not anything revolutionary and I probably won’t be repurchasing BUT I am praying with all my heart that BH Cosmetics and Carli will eventually sell the highlighters separately. I would repurchase the lightest highlight shade in this palette over and over again if it was sold as an individual component. If you’re a #paleprincess, the lightest highlighter shade is your friend! It’s the very same highlight I’m wearing in my last post, the Photo Shoot @ Mission Hills ft. Lulu’s.

I get SO many compliments and questions every time I wear the lightest highlight shade in this palette because it’s hard for someone with a fairer complexion to find a true highlight that isn’t straight up white glitter – fellow Snow White’s of the world, can I get an amen?

Cover FX Mattifying Primer With Anti-Acne Treatment – $38.00

This is the only face primer I use. Period. End of discussion. I trust it with my life, my firstborn child, my world.

The consistency of this primer is a smooth, clear gel that spreads easily and helps build a lightweight yet strong barrier between your skin and foundation. I bought my first tube of this primer almost two years ago and I’ve repurchased this product three times since. The only con I have is that it’s not the most mattifying, but as long as it doesn’t clog my skin or break me out like almost every other primer that’s ever touched my skin – I’m happy.

I wear this product with all foundation types, both powder and liquid, as well as all foundation finishes, matte and satin being the main types of foundations I own. It has yet to fail me and I hope it never does!

Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder – $4.99

If there was ever an oldie but goodie, this is it.

I’m pretty sure everyone and their mother has heard about this amazing powder – it’s the bomb. I cannot say enough good things about it! It’s available in eight shades and you can literally find it as virtually any store that carries cosmetics from Wal-Mart to Ulta. There was a point where I actually panicked and thought that Rimmel London was discontinuing the shade I usually purchase, Transparent, the lightest shade (no surprise there), but it was actually just SUCH a popular product that it would sell out instantly. You snooze, you lose is such a hard life lesson to learn when you’re in need of a good drugstore powder. . .

I would strongly recommend this product if you’re looking to achieve a matte finish to your makeup. This is the powder that I was wearing in my last post,  Photo Shoot @ Mission Hills ft. Lulu’s, so you can see it also photographs really well!


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