Spring Beauty Haul ft. Sephora & UO

Hello! Guess who’s back? Your favorite little vampire with some new additions to my beauty and skincare collection.

I know what you’re wondering and the answer is – no, I never get tired of discovering new things and trying out cosmetic and skincare products that have either been crazy hyped up or just look appealing in the packaging. I don’t discriminate but, as a mini-marketing connoisseur, I am a sucker for cute packaging. As you’ll see in this haul, there are an abundance of products that are both aesthetically pleasing and (apparently) super good for you! Most of the makeup and skincare in this haul are products that are ENTIRELY new to me, meaning I have no prior experience using them. The only exception is the Herbivore mist which I am still drop dead obsessed with.

If anyone is interested in a follow-up blog in which I actually provide honest,  in-depth reviews on each of the products after a few weeks of use – pretty please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

Read on to uncover what I found on a few recent trips to Sephora and Urban Outfitters.



FullSizeRender (3)

Yesss, come through aesthetic!



FullSizeRender (6)

Lait de Coco Shimmering Body Oil by Gourmand – $26.00 

Where do I even start with this product . . . I would be the biggest liar in the world if I said that I didn’t buy this beautiful oil with the purest of intentions to look like Jennifer Lopez. A true-to-life goddess with a heart of gold and skin to match. It smells sweet like coconut and from testing it on the back of my hand, it’s seems like a very lightweight formula for an oil. I have yet to fully wear it on a large area of my body, but best believe you’ll be seeing me rock this shimmery oil with some off-the-shoulder tops! Hell, I might even add a few drops into my foundation to add some life and glow to my complexion. Again, let a sister know if you want an update on how this body oil performs.


FullSizeRender (5)

Original Coffee Scrub by Frank Body – $18.00 

Now, this product is very familiar to you if you’re an avid-Instagram user that follows multiple beauty guru accounts. This is an organic, cruelty-free scrub made of minimal ingredients – the main one being coffee! I am SO excited to use this and I’m even more excited to discover if it’s truly worth the online hype. Sometimes, I find myself to be especially cautious of trying out products that aren’t sold at easily accessible retailers like Sephora or Ulta. That being said, when I saw this was available at good old Urban Outfitters, I figured it was time to jump on the Frank Body bandwagon and try this out. For those interested, Urban Outfitters also sells the Coconut and Cacao versions, but I personally decided to start with the Original scrub. Besides, if I fall in love with the Original then it’ll be more fun to also try it’s friends!



FullSizeRender (4)

Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist by Herbivore Botanicals – $16.00 

As I mentioned in my opening paragraph, this is the one item in this haul that I’ve already used and repurchased time and time again. It’s one of my favorite hydrating face mists and it was SO good that it even made my March Beauty Favorites! Click here to access last month’s beauty favorites post and read my honest thoughts on this mist.  Spoiler alert: I highly recommend it and have every intention to continue buying this for many years to come.



FullSizeRender (1)

Love Light Prismatic Highlighter in Blinded By The Light by Too Faced – $30.00 

Okay, this is literally the exact product that comes to my mind when someone says, ” beautiful packaging “. It’s STUNNING to say the least. I love everything about the way this highlighter looks and I wish these would’ve launched a looong time ago. What the hell where you waiting for, Too Faced!? Excuse my awkward moment of passion – it’s just incredibly rare that I’m blown away by the presentation of a beauty product. Don’t get me wrong – there are definitely brands with some unique packaging designs, but this Too Faced highlighter is like a little piece of heaven. The Love Light Prismatic Highlighter also comes in two other shades, Ray Of Light and You Light Up My Life. Unfortunately, my skin tone is too fair to pull them off. Still, I cannot wait to wear this highlight all summer long (Insert emoji with sunglasses here). I’d also love to hear what your thoughts are if you’ve tried this product, leave me a comment on whether this highlight changed your life or failed to impress!


Brown Sugar Body Polish by Fresh – $39.00

Last, but certainly not least, is a product that I never, ever imagined myself purchasing. I’ve always admired Fresh from afar, but felt their products were just outside my budget. However, the makeup and skincare gods somehow decided to shine a light on me one day and introduced this scrub into my life! Now, don’t get me wrong, $39 is NOT cheap by any means, but when you consider the pricing of pretty much every other Fresh product on the market (*cough* cough* $90+ face masks and $40+ face mists), I say this ain’t so bad. The only other Fresh product I’ve ever owned was gifted to me in high school and it was a lip balm from the same Brown Sugar line as this scrub. I’m almost positive that I’ll fall in love with this body scrub, but I don’t know that I’m willing to commit to repurchasing. If you’re anything like me, then I’d recommend this as a once in while splurge if you really, really want to try it!

I hope you sincerely enjoyed exploring my haul and reading why I picked up a few new products! Let me know in the comments below if a future blog post explaining how these items worked for me is something you’d be interested in seeing 🙂






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