Photo Shoot @ Bankers Hill, SD ft. UO & Forever 21


Hello Earth & all who inhabit it!

As you can tell from the title of this post, I am back with another fashion photo shoot – this time featuring a few new clothing favorites that I recently added to my springtime wardrobe! Believe it or not, I actually put a great deal of thought into the styling and overall aesthetic of my photo shoots. That being said, when I finally found this insanely beautiful bridge in the middle of the quiet San Diego neighborhood of Bankers Hill, I had no choice but to persuade a talented photographer to take endless pictures of my weird ass in nice clothes.

I hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor and find some fashion inspiration for the upcoming sunny weather!

Trust me when I say that spring and summer isn’t just about crochet-detailing and kimonos, you can easily rock velvet, distressed denim, and suede without succumbing to the heat.

FullSizeRender (90)


FullSizeRender (92)

Shop my #OOTD:

Urban Outfitters BDG Mom Jean in Rebel Rebel 

Urban Outfitters Milla Lace Up Heels

Forever 21 Velvet Off-The-Shoulder Bodysuit

Lime Crime Matte Velvetine Liquid Lipstick In Riot



FullSizeRender (91)


FullSizeRender (89)

What I would give to live in a vintage house with a great view . . .



FullSizeRender (88)


FullSizeRender (87)


FullSizeRender (86)


FullSizeRender (85)


FullSizeRender (84)

Waiting for bae like . . .



FullSizeRender (83)





FullSizeRender (80)

In the midst of our photography adventure, we stumbled upon this gorgeous Victorian style house. I wish I could knock on the door and thank the people inside for having such an aesthetically pleasing porch.


FullSizeRender (81)


FullSizeRender (82)

The ballerina inside me could not resist this truly feminine photo op. . .



FullSizeRender (79)


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