April 2017 Beauty Favorites

Hello everyone!

I hope this month was as magical for you as it was for me.  I’ve never been one to brag, but sometimes I’m shocked at how many amazing adventures one can fit into a thirty-day time frame. In this month alone, I conducted THREE different photo shoots, attended an outstanding concert for the UK-based band, The 1975, and I started reading a new book! Knowing all this, please expect to see a ton of fun content in the month of May (insert emoji with sunglasses here).

Aside from these unique endeavors, I also managed to round up a selection of beauty favorites! Some of these are products that I’ve loyally  repurchased time and time again, and others are new loves that stood out in the month of April! I sincerely hope you enjoy reading about my cosmetic and skin care obsessions for the past month – let’s get started!


Love Light Prismatic Highlighter in Blinded By The Light by Too Faced – $30.00

This highlighter is by far my TOP favorite of the month.

It’s so rare that I find highlighters that I become obsessed with, but I think the glowing gods have finally decided to throw me a bone. Not only was I so pleasantly surprised by the Anastasia Beverly Hills X Nicole Guerrero Glow Kit – but then Too Faced just had to go and launch one of the most beautiful highlighter collection known to man! Blinded By The Light is the only shade I own from the Love Light Prismatic Collection, but it has quickly become my absolute favorite highlighter. I don’t think a single day has gone by since I purchased it that I don’t wear it. I believe if your skin tone is similar to mine, this is the perfect way to add a true glow without looking like you’re wearing straight-up white glitter powder on your face. I cannot begin to stress how hard it can be as a fair-skinned woman to find quality natural highlight shades, but finally Too Faced has come through.

My ONLY negative about this product is that it is limited edition! Too Faced (if you’re reading this) please, please, please make these highlighters permanent. It would mean the world to me.

Sugar Lip Treatment Perfecting Wand by Fresh – $24.00

If you thought that I couldn’t get any more extra – think again. Your girl dropped $24 on a fancy chapstick lol. Well, this lip balm also doubles as a lip exfoliant so I guess it’s not THAT bad. The reality is that I became so used to mediocre chapsticks that didn’t do anything for the well-being of my mouth that I actually discontinued using any lip balms altogether. This was a horrible mistake and trust me when I say that my liquid lipstick game got real ugly, real fast. I knew my lips would never forgive me if I didn’t start taking care of them again, so I visited good old Sephora and tried my best to find a reasonably priced and effective lip treatment.

As much as I believe that Fresh is pricey – it’s so worth it. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad experience with any of their products and this lip treatment is by far the most hydrating, easy to apply, and nourishing lip care item that I’ve ever used. I am very pleased with my purchase and will more than likely continue to happily invest. After all, you only have one set of lips!

Renewed Hope In A Jar Refreshing & Refining Moisturizer by Philosophy – $39.00

Ahh moisturizer – the answer to pretty much every problem. . . I am so happy that this Philosophy moisturizer has come into my life. It’s one of the most lightweight creams I’ve ever used – plus, it doesn’t have a gross, sticky leftover residue. Personally, I hate feeling like I have a layer of something sticky over my face, so the fact that it easily absorbs into my skin is heavenly. I would recommend this moisturizer to anyone who suffers from having oily or combination skin. Hell – I would even recommend this for people with dry skin. Philosophy did it right by this moisturizer! A++

Egg Cream Mask Hydration by Too Cool For School – $6.00 

This mask is yet again another Jaclyn Hill-inspired purchase. Even though she has openly shared struggles with having dry skin and I identify as a combination skin type, this mask is sensational for both! I don’t know how to explain it very well, but it’s one of the most ~fluffy~ sheet masks I’ve ever used. The actual sheet feels thicker and more soft than the average mask, which is an element that I greatly enjoy. In fact, this is the only non-hydrogel sheet mask that I consistently use because I severely dislike the thought of a wet, flimsy sheet on my face.

As far as the actual effectiveness of the product – it’s extremely rehydrating! I love using this mask when I’ve been neglecting my skin care routine and I find my skin in desperate need of a moisture boost. Trust me, it works.

Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lip Color in Nude Nuance by Maybelline – $7.99

Disclaimer: this may or may not be the best drugstore nude lip shade. Ever. I always get compliments when wearing this lipstick and nine times out of ten, people are shocked to find out that it’s a drugstore product! My only complaint is that it doesn’t set completely matte as advertised, it’s more of a semi-matte finish. Also, would it kill Maybelline to turn this shade into a fully matte liquid lipstick? I would buy not one, but five because I wear this color so often that it’s essentially my go-to for those rare occasions that I need an alternative to red lip shades. I just personally prefer the application and look of a liquid lipstick. Think about it, Maybelline. Think about it.

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