Beach Beauty Essentials ft. Supergoop!

Summer is almost here!

Literally. The first official day of summer is June 20th, which is INSANE because that means 2017 is pretty much halfway over. . .

I don’t know if I’m ready to accept that but so far this year has been an adventure and I definitely hope the second part of the year only brings more good times.

While we’re on the subject of good times and adventure, let’s talk about the number one place that all Californians know and love – the beach! One of my favorite things about living in San Diego is being practically surrounded by beautiful bodies of water and towering palm trees as far as the eye can see. The beach is a relaxing place, however, you should also be aware that it can be a little dangerous if you’re not prepared to spend a day under the rays.

In this post, I wanted to highlight a few of my beauty essentials that I take with every trip to the beach. A majority of these products are from the brand, Supergoop!, a fun and unique brand that specializes in sun care. My favorite thing about Supergoop! is that every single product they sell has SPF – and I’m not talking about some wimpy SPF 10 or 15, it’s usually a highly protective amount anywhere from SPF 30 – 50. You can find Supergoop! products at Urban Outfitters, Sephora, Anthropologie, and Nordstrom!

As someone with fair, sensitive skin, it’s incredibly important for me to stay on top of my SPF game and it’s actually been a huge passion on mine since I was in high school. Believe it or not, it’s been almost seven years since I’ve been outdoors without some form on sunscreen on.

Ok, I think you get the point. So before I go on an endless tangent on the importance of sunscreen – let’s jump in and talk beauty!



Supergoop! SPF 50 Everyday Sunscreen – $19.00 

First things first, this sunscreen formula is unlike any other. It’s by far the most lightweight sunscreen I’ve ever used and it actually works VERY well under makeup and foundation (yes, there are times when I wear makeup to the beach and pool – sorry not sorry!). I appreciate the fact that it’s SPF 50, yet the texture is not heavy or difficult to blend into your skin. This is also a plus when it comes to reapply, since it’s professionally recommended that sunscreen be reapplied every two hours or so. I will admit, I’m not perfect at reapplying my sunscreen throughout the day, but I will be making an effort to become more diligent this summer!



Supergoop! 100% Mineral Invincible Setting Powder SPF 45 – $30.00

Ok, so this might be the best thing to happen to the sun care industry EVER. This is a setting powder that has been infused with SPF – can we take a second to appreciate this? Seriously, this is the perfect product for anyone with an oil-prone complexion who still wants to have protection from harmful UV rays. I personally love spreading sunscreen on my face first and then setting it with this powder so it eliminates any unwanted shine, yet still adds an extra layer of protection. The negative thing that I must point out about this powder is that it’s not completely translucent. I can work with this because, as I mentioned, I have fair skin. I probably wouldn’t recommend this to anyone with a deeper skin tone as it might leave a white/gray-ish cast on your skin.

*Side note: The reason why this product is still it its original carton packaging is because it was brand new and I didn’t want to risk mixing sand into the powder. Girl, bacteria is real!



Supergoop! Defense Refresh Setting Mist W/ Rosemary SPF 50 – $28.00

This product is one that I have a love/hate relationship with SOLELY because of the packaging. The product itself is awesome and I think adding SPF to a setting spray is such an amazing idea. I initially heard about this product in one of Carli Bybel’s videos on YouTube and she is actually one my top 5 favorite YouTube influencers. If she was raving about it, then I knew I had to try it! I completely fell in love with the mist because it smells great and I love knowing that I can use this whether I’m at the beach or to just set my every day face makeup. Now, about the packaging – it sucks. Bad. When you press down to release the product, the dang pump gets stuck and it’s incredibly awkward. Hate the packaging. I wish the bottle and pump was similar to the Urban Decay setting sprays.



Urban Outfitters Gourmand Shimmering Body Oil – $26.00

This product might look familiar to you if your read my recent Spring Beauty Haul ft. Sephora & UO. As the product name states, it is a refreshing body oil that adds shine and gold specks of shimmer to your skin! It’s incredibly extra but I LOVE to use this on my legs and shoulders. I tend to concentrate the product on my knees and calves when I’m wearing shorts, dresses, or rompers, and when I have an off-the-shoulder top, I also add a few drops on the high points on my shoulders and chest.

I don’t have very many bad things to say about this product except that it contains fragrance. For those who don’t know, using fragrance as an ingredient can cause irritation in sensitive skin and dryness. I don’t use this body oil frequently enough to where I’ve seen it effect my legs or shoulder, but I just wanted to let my beloved readers and followers be aware. The people have to know!


I hope you all enjoyed reading my beach beauty essentials – I swear by these products! If you’re interested in checking out more fun stuff from Supergoop!, follow them here:

IG: @Supergoop

Shop: Supergoop!


**Second side note: This post is not sponsored or in collaboration with SuperGoop! or Urban Outfitters. I’m just a genuine fan! lol






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