Summer Solstice Party @ Pigment!

Woo! Summertime is almost here and Pigment’s official Summer Solstice Party was the perfect place to welcome it! This was my first time ever attending an event at Pigment and I was pleasantly surprised at how beautifully decorated and merchandised the store was. The environment was incredibly photogenic and perfect for any blogger to take shots of the unique products. Aesthetic aside, Pigment was also kind enough to provide delicious free lemonade and pretzel bites for all of their guests – my one complaint was that they also offered tater tots, BUT only for kids. Umm, why? I love potatoes so you can probably imagine how horribly disappointed I was when I couldn’t get my tots fix. . . Nevertheless, I had a great time!

Read on to explore Pigment’s amazing visuals from the Summer Solstice Party and find out what items I fell SO madly in love with, I had to take them home!




Streamers galore! Yes, the place got PACKED so please excuse me if there are people in the shots.






I think it’s safe to say that this is my absolute favorite little nook in the entire store.





Visiting Pigment almost always gives me a crazy case of baby fever. . . Who can resist the cuteness?


As many of you know, I am currently obsessed with growing my pin collection and I kept going back and forth on whether or not I needed this one!


This Pick Flowers Not Fights graphic t-shirt was by far my favorite item, unfortunately I wasn’t able to purchase it because they only had size Large and Extra Large in-stock.


The infamous California Dreamin’ sign in it’s full glory.






Style Deetz: Dress, Anthropologie(Similar here) | Lace-Up Shoes, The Gap(Similar here




Side note: On the way home, my friend and I found this amazingly adorable cat kicking it without a care in the world. I swear he’s much more happier than he looks.



In conclusion, I love Pigment now more than I ever have and I am TOTALLY looking forward to their next event! I also happily walked away with two new pins for my collection. The perfect end to a perfect evening.


Check out more from Pigment:

Site: Pigment.Com

IG: @ShopPigment


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