July 2017 Beauty Favorites

Hi there beauty maniacs!

I hope you’re all having a great summer so far! I know I’ve been low-key obsessing over SO many beauty releases that I cannot wait to get my hands on, for example, the Urban Decay Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette and the Marc Jacobs Beauty Coconut Water Setting Spray. If only I had all the money in the world, right? Well, in the meantime, at least I can show some love towards the things that I did get to try this past month that totally blew me away. Read on to discover what beauty and skin care products I’ve been reaching for most during the month of July!

Beaute Nouveau Clay & Mineral Masque – $28.00

In case you didn’t get a chance to check out my last blog post, One Brand Review – Beaute Nouveau, I totally recommend you do so NOW because this brand is pretty epic. I had the privilege of teaming up with Beaute Nouveau recently and tried out some luxury botanical skin care. By far, this was my absolute favorite item. This mask comes in the form of a fine powder and requires you to mix with water to create a paste which essentially becomes the face mask.

I must say, this was my first time ever using a powder face mask and I loved it! I am so accustomed to just dipping my face brush into a jar and slathering a traditional mask on my face, but this one truly allows you to customize the powder/water ratio for either a quick refresher or a deep pore cleanse. I saw a noticeable difference in the inflammation caused by my acne after just a few weeks of use. I definitely highly encourage you to try out the Clay & Mineral Masque by Beaute Nouveau!


Too Faced Size Queen Mascara – $21.00 

Ok, let’s talk about eyelashes! Eyelashes are LITERALLY one of my top favorite features to enhance with makeup. I think there’s nothing more alluring than having long, wispy, flirty eyelashes and this mascara helps with that! I have fairly average natural eyelashes. They aren’t particularly short or long but I must curl them or else they’re totally unnoticeable. This mascara holds a curl so well – it’s pretty mind blowing.

I decided to give this mascara a shot after seeing Kelsey Simone, one of my favorite YouTube personalities, use it in a GRWM video. Although she mentioned that having lash extensions were her preference, she did note that this mascara was the next closest thing – so I was pretty much sold! Again, I highly recommend picking this mascara up if you get the chance.


La Mer The Powder – $95.00 

Caution: This brand is extremely boujee and you will most likely have a panic attack if you saw the price points of everything else in their makeup line.

Do not ask me why, but, as I said in the past, my love for makeup knows no bounds and it pains me to say that this $95 loose powder is 104% worth the price. This powder gives the skin SUCH a natural, luminous appearance and it’s the exact face powder I wear to events, parties, and anything remotely important.

The only slightly negative comment I have for this powder is that it doesn’t control oil as well as I’d like it to, however, it doesn’t necessarily claim to do so since it is a glowy finish powder.


Smashbox Full Exposure Palette – $52.00

If you’re on the hunt for an eyeshadow palette with high-quality, pigmented, and easily blendable neutral shades – this is it! It’s pretty rare that I venture out of my comfort zone and use bold neon eyeshadows, so this palette was the perfect investment for someone like me. I think the matte shades are exceptional and I wish I could say the same for the shimmer shades. Don’t get me wrong – I still think they’re pretty, but I am not a huge fan of eyeshadows that are formulated with chunky glitter. I prefer a foil formula, but if you’re all about the glitter then you’ll fall head over heels for this palette!

Sidenote: This may sound shocking, but I also low-key use this palette for my hair. Yup, my hair. I have pretty dark hair and I also happen to have a few bald spots that peek through when I wear my hair up. My solution? I take a fluffy eyeshadow brush and dip into the matte black eyeshadow and go to town on my baldness! It works like a charm and I strongly encourage anyone who’s in the same situation to do so because it makes your hair appear fuller and ponytails and buns look cleaner.


Tony Moly I’m Real Sheet Mask in Vitalizing – $3.00 

I didn’t intend to save the cheapest item for last, but here we are! The Tony Moly VItalizing Sheet Mask is so good for hydrating your skin, especially after exfoliation with a harsh scrub. To be perfectly honest, I originally picked this up solely because of the packaging (I mean roses, hello!), but I was instantly smitten once I actually used it. In fact, I love it so much that I even included one my 1K Beauty Giveaway on Instagram. Trust and believe friends that I would NEVER take the time to repurchase and include something in a giveaway that I didn’t wholeheartedly believe in.

Plus, at only 3 bucks a pop – this mask is like a little piece of luxury for less than the price of a Chipotle bowl! My Chipotle bowls typically come out to $7.54, just for reference.


I sincerely hope you all enjoyed reading about my favorite beauty and skin care products from July! Please free to leave a comment!









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