My Tattoo Story

I am SO excited to be writing this.

The time has finally come where I formally introduce my tattoos to the world!

Why is this a big deal? People get tattoos everyday. Why are mine SO DAMN SPECIAL? Well, it’s kind of a long story and you’re just going to have to read along to find out why.

Like my last lengthy post, My Eating Disorder, I will divide this story up into three individual sections that will highlight the most significant aspects of my tattoos and how they finally came to be:

Backstory | The Concept | It’s Art



Ok, let me start by saying I’ve ALWAYS admired tattoos. I love everything about them.

I remember being a young kid and admiring my mother’s tiny heart tattoo on her hand. I also remembered how strongly she discouraged the idea of ever getting tattoos for fear that it would make me seem “uneducated” and less likely to get a decent job. It goes without saying that excessive tattoos traditionally have a bad rap, but I never looked at them in a negative light. 

Although my mom strongly regretted her own tattoo, I still fully intended on getting tatted. I can remember being as young as 13 or 14 years old and starting to brainstorm ideas on what my first tattoo would be. I shit you not – I probably sketched out a good 50+ designs.

Looking back, I’m SO thankful I never went through with any of them.

Even though my mom couldn’t knock the fascination of getting a tattoo out of my system, she sure as hell gave me a great understanding of what it feels like to regret a tattoo. This is why it took me so long to conceptualize a perfect design, find the perfect placement, seek out the perfect artist, and literally just get the whole damn thing done.

In this particular situation, I genuinely found that good things come to those who wait! It took me approximately 8 years to commit to the perfect tattoo designs and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I LOVE my tattoos, don’t you?



The Concept: 

Alright friends and fam – one question I always get about my tattoos, especially the crescent moon, is how I came up with them and what they mean. Let me break if down for you one time because A LOT of thought went into these pieces.


I think it’s fairly obvious by now that I love roses and roses are a huge part of my overall aesthetic and “brand”. However, my love for roses is a little deeper than simply the fact that I think they’re pretty (which I do!).

To me, roses symbolize a classic type of romance that seems to be fleeting from today’s society. I see roses in real life and they remind me of those old Hollywood films where women would dress to the nines just to go to the post office and men would bring bouquets of flowers for their special girl just to make sure she felt loved. It almost feels as though roses are an unspoken symbol for love and tenderness, which I find alluring.

I’ve had a ton of people in my life shit on roses and flowers by saying negative things like “oh I don’t like flowers because they die” or “roses are cliché”, which is TOTALLY fine with me. I know most don’t think about roses and flowers the way I do and it’s a-ok! Just don’t be surprised if I buy you a small assortment on your birthday or for no reason at all lol.

Now, I cannot take credit for the design of my rose tattoo – I legit Google searched the phrase “Rose Outline” and just scrolled until I found the perfect image that resonated with me. As far as placement of the rose on my body, I knew I wanted it to be on my forearm facing outward so if I ever shook hands with someone, it would seem like I was handing them a flower. Lame? Whatever – this is exactly who I am. Take it or leave it!



Ahh my little moon. . . I know you’re not supposed to have favorites in life, but the moon is definitely my number one between my tattoos. In case you couldn’t already tell, I decided to have the logo of my brand, YourGirlChase, tattooed on my chest directly over my heart.

This tattoo means the world to me and it’s by far the most meaningful personal investment I’ve ever made. The YourGirlChase logo was a collaboration between myself and a former coworker at mine whom I met while working at Urban Outfitters. His name is Quinn Vasquez (hit him up for all of your graphic design needs!) and he totally blew me away with the final design, which is what you all have come to know. I basically presented him with a concept I had in my head of a crescent moon covered in roses. He took that concept and ran with it to create the perfect (and I mean, perfect) design for me.

Now, I’ve already explained the significant of roses to me, but the moon is a whole nother story.

In my eyes, the moon is the epitome of beauty. I have a low-key obsession with all things astronomy and it amazes me how often we take the sky and the stars and essentially the entire universe for granted. I think in another life I would’ve been some sort of space explorer or astronaut. Although, I still have dreams of visiting the moon in this lifetime, somehow.


It’s Art:

Ok, now for the real deal – the tattoos have gone from concept to creation!

I couldn’t be any happier with my tattoos. After SO many years of contemplating what my first tattoo would be, I simply couldn’t decide what to get first. Was I going to get my logo or should I get the classic rose first? I’m a ” have your cake and eat it too ” kind of bitch, so I got both! I didn’t want to decide. Why? I was infatuated with the idea of having both and I think they complement each other perfectly.

If you want to get all technical on me, then yes, the moon came first but the rose followed immediately after and they were both finished on the same day during the same session and I paid for both at the same time.

I know you’re probably most interested in the deetz, so let me get to it – I got my tattoos done on September 7th at Propaganda Tattoo, a local shop in the Point Loma area of San Diego. My tattoo artists name is Marianne Fredericks – she is phenomenal! I discovered her from a friend recommendation and then stalked her art IG to get a good look at her talent. During the tattooing process, she was incredibly patient with me and I felt like I got exactly what I wanted.

In total, I invested about $460 for my two tattoos. Propaganda requires a $100 deposit for a session, which I totally understand and didn’t have a problem with. Marianne charged me $200 after my session, which lasted approximately 2.5 – 3 hours. I decided to then tip her $160 because she totally delivered and exceeded my expectations. I feel like any artist needs to receive gratuity for their work – especially when they are in the position where they could totally fuck up your body.

To date, I’ve yet to have any complications from my tattoos and they’re still super clean and beautiful. I do my best to keep them safe from the sun because I want the ink to stay crisp and black as long as possible, but I am not opposed to retouching in the future.

Follow Propaganda, Marianne, & all the fun here:

IG: Quinn Vasquez

IG: Propaganda Tattoo Shop

IG: Marianne Fredericks (Personal)

IG: Marianne Fredericks (Tattoo)




If you made it this far, then I’d like to thank you so much for reading my story! I hope this helped give you a better understand of how I approach tattoos and maybe even gave you inspiration on your own future ink endeavors. Till next time friends and fam 🙂



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