Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Helllooo friends and fam!

Ok, I am low-key obsessed with shopping for presents – don’t ask me why. I just get a random little high whenever I have the ability to make someone’s day with a small token of appreciation. That being said, Valentine’s Day and Christmastime is EVERYTHING to me. I’m not big on most other holidays, but this time of year brings out the little giver in me.

This holiday season, I decided to curate a small collection of items that I have either given in the past or would totally recommend for a unique holiday treat – I hope you will find this simple little gift guide helpful!


  1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

I think it kind of goes without saying that Polaroid pictures and vintage photography is very much trending so, naturally, this camera is one of the best things you could possibly pick up for someone this Christmas. The Fujifilm Instax Minis are amongst the most affordable polaroid camera options on the market and they’re sold anywhere from Urban Outfitters to Target! A true winner for any photography-enthusiast or proud hipster (tbh).

2.  Fashionable Backpack 

One of my absolute favorite functional accessories is a backpack. Backpacks are life to me. Most of my friends know that I’m not a fan of purses, which used to make it really hard for me to carry my stuff in anything other than a school bag – BUT – backpacks have now become an everyday staple and many fashion brands have embraced the trend. A cute, neutral backpack goes a long way, so consider gifting a basic (yet quality) backpack that can be worn with a multitude of looks.

3. Hand-Crafted Jewelry 

Ok, so this is probably the most thoughtful, meaningful piece of jewelry you could ever gift someone (aside from an engagement ring, of course). An artisan necklace is the perfect way to express how much your loved one means to you, especially when that necklace is made of 14k gold or sterling silver. Quality jewelry may come with a hefty price tag, but trust me, this is the type of gift that merits a splurge! You may recognize these lovely necklaces from my last post, Scorpio Season Ft. THATCH Jewelry. 

4. Stila Beauty Holiday Collection Sets 

Can all the makeup hoarders please stand up? I think a holiday collection set is probably one of the most ideal presents you could ever give someone who loves to try new beauty products or discover different brands because you ALWAYS get more bang for your buck. Holiday sets tend to be a better value than buying individual cosmetic items. One of my absolute favorite beauty brands, Stila Cosmetics, has some of the most luxurious and cost-effective holiday collection sets that features TONS of options from eyeshadow to lip colors. Please, do yourself a favor and shop!

5. 12 Month Planner/Agenda

Let’s just say that you’re friends with someone who has a lot on their plate and just doesn’t know when to stop and rest. Do them a life changing favor and help them organize their schedule with a super cute 12 month planner! I am a HUGE proponent of planners and my favorite type are those that run from January to December, a full 12 months. A planner could be exactly what your loved one needs to prevent having a panic attack because they forgot to attend Aunt Karen’s 46th birthday party or missed a shift at work. Gift a planner and change lives. High-key.



I seriously hope you guys enjoyed reading up on what the cool kids are buying their friends, families, and loved ones this holiday season. I also hope you got some inspiration to make this year’s Christmas shopping just a little bit more memorable! Till next time! 🙂




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