Dear YourGirlChase,

Well goddamn. . .

Today officially marks one year to the day when I sat on my bed, opened up my laptop and started on the YourGirlChase journey. My blog is one of the most personal and meaningful things I’ve ever created and it’s especially crazy to me to think about how quickly this entire year of blogging went by.

In this post, I wanted to take a break from the usual photography/ beauty/ fashion tomfoolery that I typically provide for you and instead reflect on the insane effect that YourGirlChase had on every aspect of my life. This time next year, (January 7, 2019) I plan on rereading this piece in nostalgia.

I hope you will enjoy reading this letter to my future self.

Dear Perla, 

Today is January 7th, 2018 a.k.a. the day your little brand baby, YourGirlChase, finally became one year old. Congrats, kid! 

Do you remember when all you had was curiosity and a concept? The idea of blogging SEEMED cool, but you never, ever thought of it to be a way of life – especially not for someone like you. Well, tbh you’re probably gonna be super proud to know that not only is your blog fucking amazing – but it’s also helped you break out of your little shell and grow!

2017 was a big year for YourGirlChase. You collaborated with not one, not two, but THREE amazing local brands! Yup, you read that right – congrats on making killer content that people actually want to look at. Here’s to going after more bigger collabs and exercising your creativity muscles to their fullest capacity. 

Aside from all the cool partnerships, you also met a shit ton of dope new friends. You met people who support every part of you (even the parts you don’t like) and believe me when I say that you were lucky enough to experience happiness in 2017. I hope all of these people will follow you into the next year, but if they don’t, just remember that no one is responsible for your happiness except you. Be grateful for what was. Promise me that you won’t let your little vampire heart dwell on the ones that choose to leave.

I think one of the most astounding parts of 2017 was the discovery of inner-peace. Finding the light in life and always going towards things that make you happy. Some people might look down on you and that’s cool but please don’t ever allow yourself to stay in an unhappy situation. Life is far too short to live in a place of internal chaos and dissatisfaction.

I think I’ll end this letter here because I already know you were a busy ass bitch in 2017, so I can only imagine what you’re up to after reading this in 2019. Damn, that seems so close yet so far away. Are you even remotely ready for 2020?? Ehh . . . one day at a time. 

Enjoy the ride, Perla. Cheers to another year of beauty, fashion, inspiration, and authentic captivating content. 


Perla Chase

Side note: Must buy more pins to complete the killer denim jacket project you started in 2017!



Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 6.53.50 PM














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