Hustle Harder Babe ft. LadyKillas SD

Hello friends & fam!

I’m so freakin excited about this post. Yo girl started 2018 off strong and was lucky enough to collab with one of my FAVE local brands – the LadyKillas. If you’re a #ladyboss from San Diego, please do yourself a huge favor and go follow the LadyKillas.

LadyKillas is a group and lifestyle brand that empowers women in every aspect of their lives – whether it be business, relationships, literally everything. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m OBSESSED with people who genuinely want to better each other. Growing up, I never truly felt understood by my peers and it was hard for me to talk about shit that interested me, so it’s really fucking refreshing to find like-minded, talented, entrepreneurial young ladies.

Here, I bring you a few sick pictures from our collab. Now to clarify, this wasn’t solely a two-way partnership between LadyKillas and myself. The stylist and photographer extraordinaire that made this collab possible is a close friend named Marissa – hit her up at Frock You Pay Me for all of your styling needs! Also, if you’re wondering who that young man is next to me, Tanner is legit a jack of all trades. He is a local musician with the dopest hair in the entire world. Lastly, take note of my ridiculously gorgeous handmade jacket made specifically for this photo shoot by an iconic Swedish brand, RAGNHILD.

Ok, enough about us – scroll down and enjoy!





Shop LadyKillas merch:

Roses Long Sleeve T 

Ladies Is Pimps Too T

Shop RAGNHILD collection:

Evy Bomber Jacket 





Ok friends! I hope you enjoyed taking a glance at my first collab of 2018 and getting introduced to a badass brand run by boss babes. I cannot even say enough good things about the LadyKillas and I can’t wait to see more from them.

Till next time 🙂

Follow LadyKillas here: @LadyKillas_SD

Follow Marissa here: @FrockYouPayMe

Follow Tanner here: @NotEvenTanner

Follow RAGNHILD here: @OfficialRAGNHILD



Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 6.53.50 PM


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