My Hair Story – Why I Cut My Hair . . .

Hello friends and fam!

Alright. Here we go.

Your girl is officially addressing one of the big (obvious) elephants in the room –  my recent haircut. This is something that I’ve been SO looking forward to discussing because it was a long time coming! Anyone who knows me in real life knows that my ridiculously long hair has been a personal burden in many ways.

Now, before I jump into my story, I just want to acknowledge the fact that people cut their hair all the time and there really isn’t anything that makes me special from anyone else. The reason why I want to share this experience is because I’ve been met with countless messages, concerns, and questions – so I figure the least I can do is explain myself the only way I know how.

You guys know what’s up – like with any storytelling post, I will divide my long ass story into three parts:


The Times They Are A-Changin’ | Pull The Trigger | Locks Of Love



The Times They Are A-Changin’:

Ok, so here’s the honest truth – I have wanted to cut my hair for so fucking long but I was dead scared that no one would like me anymore and that I’d regret it. I know, I know, that probably sounds like the dumbest thing ever – but that was the one thought that truly stopped me from ever committing to having short hair.

Now, just to give you guys a little backstory, I’ve had a billion and one different hair styles and colors. I’ve carried everything from blonde hair to pink hair and as a freshman in high school, I even shaved my head. True story. However, after turning 17 and going to college, I never really experimented with my hair. I just let it grow out and do it’s thing. I went from constantly having new hair projects to going years without haircuts.

Now, at 22, I had the longest hair ever. My hair had a personality of its own and people loved my hair. I don’t want to come across as vain or cocky, but for a while I literally couldn’t go a day without receiving tons of compliments on my hair either from complete strangers in my every day life or on social media. It was fucking awesome. Not gonna lie, who gets tired of hearing ” Yass Queen!” – not me!

But all jokes aside, my hair was a weight on my shoulders and I knew I couldn’t stand having to deal with it much longer. Having mermaid-like hair has its downsides – people at raves and music festivals would pull my hair, I wasted SO MUCH money on constantly repurchasing shampoo and conditioner (way more than the average person), hair would get in my way all the time while performing the most basic of tasks, and worst of all, I felt like my hair was the only quality that drew people to me. . .


Pull The Trigger:

Now that we have established what a little bitch I was about getting a haircut – I want to talk about what finally made me go all the way.

So, as I mentioned, getting a haircut had been on my mind for a long time BUT every time I got the courage to ask a friend what they thought I was usually met with a sense of reluctance and the good old “Why?? Your hair looks good now!!” or “OMG You’re gonna regret it – don’t!!”. . .

Yeah. My internal cowardice, plus the idea that others wouldn’t approve had seriously held me back – until I found myself looking into a bathroom mirror one day with my long hair behind my shoulders and said “Fuck it.” Life is too short to live in a state of dissatisfaction. I figured I’d just secretly scour the internet and IG for pictures of potential haircuts and only tell my hair stylist (who is a total babe btw).

Here are the two photos I brought to my darling hairstylist, Rayne:



And here is the aftermath:

FullSizeRender (3)

Yup, on February 2nd I walked into Disconnected Salon in North Park (S/O to the amazing staff!), San Diego with hair that literally touched my butt and walked out with TEN INCHES off the length. In case you failed to tune in on my Instagram stories, this was a major shock to basically all of my friends and family because I only told a small handful of people about my dramatic change beforehand.

My amazing experience at Disconnected Salon cost me a total of $200. I paid for both a haircut and coloring because I also decided to take my natural medium brown tones and make them pitch black, like my soul.




Locks Of Love: 

While online, I randomly came across the Locks Of Love website and it totally clicked in my head that everything was coming into fruition. I felt like not only was I supposed to do myself a favor and get rid of my hair – but this was also an opportunity to give someone a chance to have the hair they always wanted. Case closed. Your girl was more committed than ever once Locks Of Love came into the equation. My angel of a hairstylist was on board and made sure I met the Locks Of Love criteria which requires ten inches of hair, sectioned off in ponytails.

In case you might not be too familiar with Locks Of Love, they are a Florida based non-profit that helps provide children and young teens with hairpieces. The kids and teens they help typically suffer from medical conditions that cause long-term hair loss and their families have limited financial means to purchase a hairpiece. This is my first time ever donating my hair to Locks Of Love, but somehow I doubt it will be my last.

FullSizeRender (5)


I sincerely hope you guys have enjoyed reading my honest truth about why I, Perla Chase, decided to cut off ten inches of my hair and donate it to charity. And to all the people who thought I’d regret it – guess what, I’ve never been happier! I don’t miss my long hair at all and I am riding this short hair wave as long as I can. 🙂

Till next time!


Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 6.53.50 PM











































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