The Best Podcasts To Listen To When Your Bored AF – Marketing, Murder + More

Hi friends and fam!

Ok, so I’m here to talk about something incredibly random, but also incredibly addicting.

I was recently introduced to the wonderful world of podcasts! For those who aren’t in the know – podcasts are basically like the new era of radio shows. There are no visuals, just listening to a person (or people) talk about a certain topic. I am literally the worst at explaining how cool this shit is but TRUST ME, podcasts are the best. I, too, was a skeptic because I consider myself a huge visual person – a visual learner, a visual merchandiser, a visual stylist – you get the gist. However, I have been converted and now I look forward to waking up and listening to my favorite podcasts almost every day.

Since I am still new to this – I don’t have a myriad of podcasts to share with you, but I am VERY obsessed with the ones that I will be mentioning in this blog post.

Feel free to continue reading if you’re looking to fill your life with a new form of entertainment. Disclaimer: All of my favorite podcasts are either relating to business, true crime/murder, or comedy and pop culture. I don’t exactly know what that says about me, but hey, I like a good comic relief/murder story/ influencer inspiration.


#1 – My favorite Murder w/ Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark 


Ok, so let us all refrain from judging the following statement: I am OBSESSED with murder. No, I do not wish to ever, ever be murdered – I just have an intense fascination with true crime stories and unsolved mysteries. Growing up, I watched a number of vintage documentaries and television specials regarding homicides, suicides, cold cases, etc. and as much as it scared the fuck out of young Perla, I also just couldn’t help being intrigued.

My Favorite Murder is almost essentially as it sounds, two women discussing and sharing their favorite murder stories, BUT what keeps me coming back to this particular podcast is the two women themselves. They have this indescribable way of adding a special touch of humor to the storytelling of each tragedy. It’s so goddamn great! Granted, I will admit that consistently listening to murder stories on a loop has made me hyper-aware and paranoid – but I’m totes def NOT going to stop listening to My Favorite Murder anytime soon.

I think if you grew up watching Dateline and 20/20, or became one of the thousands who binge watched the fuck out of Making A Murderer on Netflix, then this podcast could be a stupendous addition to your regular programming. I highly, highly, highly recommend this podcast to anyone who shares a fascination with crime and murder stories.

However, please keep in mind that there is an element of comedy to this podcast so I would not encourage anyone to tune in who is sensitive to this particular type of content.



#2 The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast w/ Lauryn Evarts and Michael Bosstick

You guys! If you’re someone who likes to learn about business and the hustle – you need to start listening to the Him & Her podcast. In case you don’t know who Lauryn Evarts is, she is the founder of the super popular blog The Skinny Confidential and she is fucking amazing. Lauryn and her husband, Michael Bosstick, joined forces to offer advice and answer questions they frequently receive about entrepreneurship. Now, don’t get me wrong, they do talk about other shit too like relationships and whatnot, but I mostly tune in just to get business inspiration and really useful blog tips.

I definitely recommend this podcast to any and every aspiring blogger or influencer. The amount of value you’ll get from listening to just a few episodes is practically equivalent to attending an exclusive marketing seminar with one of the top lifestyle bloggers in the country.

It’s pretty lit on the Him & Her podcast.

Sidenote: Please start listening from the very beginning of the podcast or else you won’t be in on the many jokes they carry throughout the podcast – including my absolute favorite, the Bare-naked Cucumber. You’ll thank me later for that lol.



#3 The Bitch Bible w/ Jackie Schimmel 


OMG ladies and gents – if you only decide to listen to one podcast after reading this list, let it be The Bitch Bible. This podcast is pure comedy.

Now, I will leave a disclaimer and say that if you’re easily offended then this is NOT the podcast for you. The head bitch who runs this podcast, Jackie Schimmel, is literally the most unapologetic, blunt, and vulgar person on iTunes and I love it. She basically rips apart every single piece of pop culture news and mainstream television including, but not limited to, The Bachelor and all of its franchises, the Real Housewives of literally every fucking city, and Vanderpump Rules – the spin-off show from RHOBH. She’s basically a huge Bravo TV aficionado and advocate for reality television.

NOW, the irony of this is that I don’t keep up with any of those stupid shows – I have never in my life watched a single episode of The Bachelor and I don’t even own a television. So . . . why do I listen to this podcast, you may ask? Tbh, I appreciate all things Jackie Schimmel and I want to be her friend. She basically says what we’re all thinking and has one of the most unfiltered voices in comedy.

I will admit I don’t agree with everything she says, but shes a riot and somehow hearing her bitch about all things Kardashian sure makes time fly – especially when I’m bored out of my mind. She’s the kind of girlfriend you’d wanna take to brunch because she will listen to you vent about the douchebag you met on Tinder and then offer some brutally honest (and hilarious) advice. Highly recommend. A++



Ok, friends and fam – I think that is all I have to share. I hope I was able to inspire you to check out some new content and explore the Podcasts app on your iPhone. Podcasts are a great alternative to listening to mindless hours of Spotify, plus you could learn about something or someone new that may trigger your inner private investigator/marketing connoisseur/raving bitch.

Please feel free to share any of your favorite podcasts either in the comments below, by shooting me a personal email, or slide into those IG DM’s. Till next time! 🙂


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