Rave Haul: My EDC Las Vegas 2018 Outfits!

Helllooo friends and fam and fellow mothafuckin headbangers!

Oh My GAWD. I can’t even begin to explain to you guys how absolutely pumped I am for my very first EDC Las Vegas experience. My tiny rave heart can barely contain itself.

For those who aren’t aware – I am obsessed with EDM and, over the past few years, raving has become a HUGE part of my life. I’ve visited quite a few amazing shows, but it almost feels surreal to know that I’m finally about to experience the iconic EDC Las Vegas, which, just to paint a picture for any non-ravers out there, is basically the “Daddy” of all Northern American raves. I’m especially excited to be attending EDC Las Vegas this year because of the amazingly perfect festival theme being kineticLOVE. . . it’s almost like Pasquale himself knew I was coming and wanted to make it as aesthetic as humanly possible just for me!

Ok, Perla – calm the fuck down. You’re not that important.

Anyway, I’m just going to get to the good stuff – what I’ll be wearing while I jump, head bang, shuffle, and get lit beyond my wildest dreams for three days in a row among fellow weirdos. Just like EDC Las Vegas 2018, all are welcome here – so just keep reading to discover some of my fave rave styles.


  1. Adidas Originals Adicolor 3 Stripe Bodysuit in Black – $40.00

adidas bodysuit.jpeg

I’m not one to normally gravitate towards athletic brands and the whole “athleisure” trend – but this bodysuit is actually REALLY rave appropriate. It’s incredibly easy to dance and move in – plus I won’t suffocate to death because it has an open back and anyone who’s ever raved with me knows I hate feeling constrained by my clothes. No joke, I refuse to go raving with uncomfortable clothes. Tried it once. Didn’t like it.


2. Urban Outfitters Out From Under Izzy Sparkle Triangle Bra – $24.00

shimmer bra.jpeg

Ok, so this is one piece that I had been looking at for quite a while, but kept debating on whether or not it was “cool enough” for EDC Las Vegas. When I first heard about the amazing kineticLOVE theme, a part of me really wanted to step out of my norm and maybe invest in a colorful outfit – BUT I just always seem to find myself coming back to black! Can’t help it, guys. It’s who I am. I love this bralette for raving and I think it’s going to shine and look so pretty under the electric sky.


3. Urban Outfitters Out From Under Serena Applique Bra in Black – $39.00

rose applique

Alright guys, let me just apologize now to anyone who was even remotely interested in buying this piece because I couldn’t find it online to save my life. The link I provided is for the exact same bra in a maroon/burgundy color. I don’t believe the black one exists anymore (sad face). Apologies aside, this bra is LIFE. I’ve already worn it to a rave in Los Angeles earlier this spring and I think my outfit was so fire that I have to wear it again for EDC Las Vegas! Just you wait and see.


4. Rave Wonderland Black Matte High Waisted Shorts – $19.99 

rave shorts

Ladies. Ladies. Ladies. . .

If there is one things that you take away from this godforsaken blog post – let it be how AMAZING these shorts are. I can’t even begin to explain how phenomenal they are! The fit is perfect for someone like me who doesn’t like her body parts awkwardly hanging out, yet still aims to look sexy af. If you’ve been following me along on IG (@YourGirlChase), then you’ve seen me rock these at literally countless shows and raves already. I genuinely believe I’ll repurchase these time and time again once my current pair wears out or gets old.


5. Herschel Supply Co. Fifteen Belt Bag in Peach – $30.00



This little fanny pack is a true lifesaver. If anyone would’ve told me last summer that I’d be sporting a fanny pack – much less such a brand-name fanny pack – I would’ve laughed in their face. However, I learned the hard way after my first major rave that there really is no place for crossbody bags or purses at festivals. If you wanna lose yourself in the moment and dance your butt off like me, then a fanny pack is a must! What I love about this one in particular is that it’s SO sturdy and made with quality materials so I know it can withstand any dance move without falling apart. The last thing you wanna do is invest in a crappy fanny pack for a rave! Trust me fam.


Ok friends, fam, and fellow bassheads.

I hope you enjoyed getting a quick sneak peek of what I’ll be wearing at the biggest rave of the year, EDC Las Vegas 2018. In case you couldn’t already tell – I’m literally counting down the days till I can finally join the rest of my friends while we bond to some of our fave DJs and make absolute fools of ourselves under the electric sky.


Till next time! 🙂





Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 6.53.50 PM





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