One Brand Beauty Review – Clove + Hallow

Hellooo friends and fam!

Your girl is here and ready to talk about beauty – specifically a dope new brand that I came across in my pursuit of an all-natural beauty routine. I want to introduce you guys to Clove + Hallow, a clean cosmetics brand (we’re talking vegan AND cruelty free) with some of the most aesthetic packaging I’ve ever laid eyes on. Basically, they are what every beauty company should be.

So, the team at Clove + Hallow were kind enough to provide me with some of their best-selling products to review (ty!)and I can’t wait to share my thoughts. As you guys all know, I am one of the most blunt beauty fanatics you’ll ever meet and I do not plan on sugarcoating my honest experiences with these products, or any products for that matter, whether I receive them from a brand or purchase them myself.

If at any point you guys feel inspired to check them out, feel free to use my link here that will take you directly to the site AND as a special treat for my special YourGirlChase fam – you can take 15% off your Clove + Hallow purchase with code Affiliate15 at checkout. No pressure – just figured I’d do you guys a solid and help my peeps save a few bucks.

Ok, so enough is enough – let’s jump into it. I’m just going to be real af right now and say that I was not a HUGE fan of most of the products for one reason and one reason only – the shade range. OMG – not to sound like total brat, but I just can’t wear any color. Most of the shades I received didn’t look great on me and that is why I decided not to post photos of myself wearing the unflattering colors because it would’ve literally dissuaded you from even giving Clove + Hallow a chance.

I will say that their products are legit, but I just cannot stand the limited shade ranges. Also, I find that a lot of their shades really lean more toward cool colors and yo girl is 104% a warm tones type of bitch. ANYWAY, shade/colors asides – here is a rundown on how I feel about the individual products themselves.

IMG_0626 (1)

Lip Creme:

This organic lipstick is sooo amazingly creamy and easy to apply! It really does live up to the name of being a lip CREME because it’s incredibly moisturizing and comfortable to wear, especially if you’re someone who hates the feeling of a dry, stiff lipstick. The shade I received was Psych, a very deep plum shade that didn’t look good on my complexion, although it’s a beautiful shade for someone else! I’d highly recommend this lipstick and will probably end up purchasing either Flaming Coral or Damsel – these would fit me and my personal makeup taste A LOT better.

Lip Velvet: 

The Lip Velvet formula from Clove + Hallow is seriously magic. I can say with the upmost confidence that these DO NOT BUDGE through hours of drinking, eating, talking, and all that jazz. I’ve even worn one of these to a rave and it truly stood the ultimate test of endurance! My favorite shade is called Fiesta and it’s actually the color I am wearing in the picture below:

IMG_0610 (1)

I’d totally recommend these Lip Velvets if you’re a fan of a good, quality liquid lipstick that doesn’t need to be reapplied every 30 seconds. Is that an exaggeration? Maybe – but you get the gist.

Lip Glaze:

OK, this isn’t fair. Please don’t take my word for this mini review as I am literally the most biased of opinions when it comes to lip gloss products. I HATE wearing lip gloss with a passion. The thought of wearing something sticky on my lips makes me want to jump into the ocean headfirst. I can’t. I would love to recommend this product, but tbh I will never, ever wear it nor would I purchase it at my own will. If you want to take one of the team and invest in one then I think it’d be fun – but I am personally just not meant to wear lip gloss or lip glaze or anything of the kind.


Makeup Melter: 


Hey girl hey – I will keep this review short since I literally just talked about this in my last beauty faves post which you can reference right here! Long story, short – I LOVE this makeup melter. I think anyone who likes to wear obnoxiously stubborn liquid lipsticks or waterproof mascaras should definitely consider trying this product out. Like their beauty line, this makeup melter is made with quality and clean ingredients so it’s not going to ruin your skin care routine in any way. In fact, it will enhance it! I am without a doubt going to be purchasing this once I run out of my current jar.



Ok guys – I believe that is all I have to say about my experience with Clove + Hallow! It was such a pleasure to use some of their lip products and skin care and I hope I was able to offer some value to you in case you were interested in giving them a try! They also have this super intriguing line of concealers and pressed powder foundations that I’m dying to try, so I’ll keep you all in the loop when that review comes along!

Again, if any of the products in this blog post piqued your interest, feel free to use my link and coupon code Affiliate15 for a generous discount on your Clove + Hallow purchase! Till next time fam 🙂




Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 6.53.50 PM

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