Summer 2018 Fashion Haul ft. Pretty Little Thing, H&M, UO

Hello friends and fam!

Damn. It has been a while to say the least.

First, please let me apologize for my absence. Second, let me clarify that this post is not necessarily the way I intended to make my return to blogging – but I just HAD to fucking share these beautiful new pieces I recently bought for summer.

Now, before you continue reading, just know that I will have a legit post explaining where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to that hopefully answers all questions and concerns. This post is simply an impulsive creation for the sake of pure summer fashion fun. Without going too much into detail, the world has been such a crazy place lately that I think sometimes even I forget to find joy in the simplest things – like a good old-fashioned shopping haul.

I hope you’ll enjoy seeing these recent fashion purchases that filled the materialistic void in my heart. Also, please rest assured that you will, in fact, be seeing these items on my body in the form of Instagram photos very soon!




1. H&M V-Neck Jersey Bodysuit in Black – $14.99

H&M V-Neck Jersey Bodysuit In Black

Unfortunately, this photo does not do the bodysuit any justice – click on the link to see more angels. In person, it’s actually incredibly beautiful! I’d like to speak with H&M’s creative director, please?


2. PrettyLittleThing Bardot Bodysuit in Black – $15.00

PrettyLittleThing Basic Black Bardot Bodysuit

Ok, so this was my first time shopping with PrettyLittleThing and I must say that I was both pleasantly and unpleasantly surprised. I ended up returning half of my entire order BUT the items I did keep, which were this exact bodysuit in two different colors, are perfection!

I’d recommend shopping from their selection of basic pieces because they seem to be AMAZING quality and ironically much cheaper than the trendier items that all arrived with some sort of defect. On that same note, the return process was super easy and straightforward and I got my money back with no issue!


3. Urban Outfitters Out From Under Rita Bodysuit in Red – $39.00

Urban Outfitters Out From Under Rita Bodysuit In Red

Do I really need to explain why I bought this bodysuit? It has modern pin-up written all over it and I was not about to let it go. I LOVE how vibrant the shade of red is and it gives off the perfect retro vibe. Catch me wearing this at the local soda shop with James Dean by my side.


4. Urban Outfitters Out From Under Alvarado Short – $24.00

Urban Outfitters Out From Under Alvarado Shorts

A small part of me feels very dumb for saying this, but I didn’t know how comfortable life could be wearing something other than denim on the bottom. . . This is one of the very few pairs of non-denim shorts I’ve ever owned and they’re SO unbelievably comfortable and flattering. It basically looks like you’re wearing a cute flowy mini skirt – but with none of the worry that you’ll flash someone by mistake. A++


5. Urban Outfitters BDG Pin-Up High Rise Cuffed Denim Short – $49.00

Urban Outfitters BDG Pin-Up High Rise Cuffed Shorts

Ok, so I had my eyes on these shorts since last summer (I’m that weird) but decided not to get them until I gained at least a few more pounds because I was scared they would emphasize how skinny I was. I’m so proud to say that after gaining at least another 10 pounds, I finally splurged on the shorts and life has never been the same. Ok – maybe that’s a little dramatic. Anyway, these are great. Take it from me!


Ok, friends and fam – thank you so much for taking the time to read this random little post. I swear that I am indeed coming back to YourGirlChase and I actually have a huge surprise in store. . . You just wait!

Just like the classic Pokemon episodes, I will leave you here with a very eager, ” To be continued . . .”






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