YourGirlChase: The Podcast

Ladies and gentlemen,

Friends and fam,

She has arrived! If you have no idea what I’m talking about – please refer to my last blog post and educate yourself.

Anyway, onto the big news.

YourGirlChase: The Podcast has officially launched!

*Hold for applause*

The very first episode is live on Anchor and I’d really, greatly, truly appreciate it if you took a few minutes out of your day to listen! My podcast will (hopefully) be available for listen on iTunes soon – Apple takes a few weeks to review and approve all podcast submissions so let’s keep our fingers crossed that they approve my content!

Now – before you leave this post to go dive into the first episode – let me just preface your experience:

YourGirlChase: The Podcast is a new extension of my brand. I am still very much going to continue running my blog and post creative content on Instagram – so do not worry, I am not abandoning anything! The YourGirlChase platform is simply growing up and expanding.

Managing this blog for over a year has taught me that I have a voice that needs to be heard – actually, we ALL do. My goal with YourGirlChase: The Podcast is exactly the same as the goal I had for this blog, I just feel like podcasting is a more innovative and authentic way to share my message.

I hope you will listen to YourGirlChase: The Podcast and feel like you’re having a conversation with a friend. Or better yet, with your girl! Someone that totally gets you and won’t judge you. The girl who will help you heal and at the same time offer lighthearted humor – because you only live once and laughter is the best medicine and, you know, all those cliché analogies!

Now, the one thing to keep in mind when you listen to the podcast is that the content is meant to be a little bit different. I purposefully want YourGirlChase: The Podcast to be as raw as humanly possible. I’ll just say it upfront – it’s imperfect af. And yes, it’s meant to be imperfect. One might even say it’s too real.

I hope you will embrace this new journey with me and support the evolution of my little brand baby.

Ok, I think that is all I have for you guys . . .

Thank you so much for putting up with me these past few months. I know my content was stagnant and my social media hiatus was totally uncalled for – but I genuinely love and appreciate all who stuck around. You guys keep my world turning. Till next time, fam 🙂


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