Rave Haul: My Escape Halloween: Psycho Circus 2018 Outfits!

Hello PLUR fam!

It’s so nice to see you here again for another rave haul. In case you didn’t get a chance to check out my haul from this past EDC Las Vegas – just click here to catch up on the fun. Today, however, is a brand new day and I finally got around to picking up some new pieces for my music festival wardrobe! NOW, the extra special part of this haul is that almost every single item was purchased from iHeartRaves, a super dope online shop for all things PLUR. I discovered the brand on Instagram and this was my first time purchasing from iHeartRaves – not gonna lie, I’m sooo impressed!

All of the items you see below are specifically going to worn to the upcoming 2-day Halloween music festival, Escape: Psycho Circus! I’m so. Fucking. Pumped. So far, I’ve loved every Insomniac event I’ve attended this year and I cannot wait to experience Escape Halloween for the first time with my beloved rave crew. Plus, the lineup is so amazing – this will literally be my third time seeing Excision, my fourth time seeing Yellow Claw, and my second time seeing Alan Walker.  Yup, in case you couldn’t already tell, this is a blog run by a mothafucking headbanger!

Ok, I’m not gonna bore you guys with small talk – let’s get into the haul!



iHeartRaves Star Search Seamless Mask Bandana – $9.95 


This purchase was 100% inspired by Alan Walker. Big shock, right? My best friend actually made the iconic suggestion of dressing up as Alan Walker because A.) he’s EVERYTHING and B.) it would be a super cheap and easy costume to create! Gotta love the functionality of a mask – it’s going to keep dirt, dust, and regrettable decisions off my face and allow me to resemble one of my favorite DJs for Halloween!


iHeartRaves Electro 2.0 Booty Shorts in Black$15.95


Ok, I think this purchase is pretty self-explanatory lol. I was in the need of a brand new pair of plain black high-rise booty shorts and these do just the job! Now, to be totally transparent, the material of the shorts was a little thin compared to the thicker shorts I’m used to and they definitely aren’t as structured as other shorts I’ve had in the past – but they’re still cute. I think the price is very much reflective of the quality but that doesn’t mean they’re a bad purchase AT ALL. I would just recommend that if you’re looking for a thick, durable pair of shorts that will help shape you then these probably aren’t the ones for you.


iHeartRaves Pastease Super Sparkly Rose Pasties – $10.95


Oh my gawd. These pasties though.

I swear it’s almost like I designed them myself. Funny story, I actually had already completed my order from iHeartRaves, but for some strange and unapparent reason I decided to linger on the site and that’s when I came across these beauties. I seriously contemplated whether or not it would be worth placing ANOTHER order and paying the separate shipping fees just for this one pair of pasties, but TBH I’m so glad I did because they fucking rock! They’re very pretty and are, indeed, super sparkly in real life so I cannot wait to wear them with my new booty shorts.


Adidas Originals Santiago Backpack in Black – $35.00 


Ok, so I think it goes without saying that I’m very (clearly) obsessed with backpacks and fanny packs. . . Some might even call it an fault, but I just can’t help investing in a quality backpack! This amazing Adidas backpack is incredibly sturdy and going to be perfect for the trip to Escape. I definitely don’t intend on wearing this backpack during the festival – in fact, I doubt they would even let me in with a bag this size – however I wanted to mention it because it’s a great alternative to a boring carryon bag for one or two day trips! For those that are especially curious, the Adidas Santiago backpacks are made with 15.4 inches of laptop storage space and the overall dimensions are 6.3 x 16.5 x 12 inches.

Sidenote: I originally bought this bag at Urban Outfitters BUT the link I provided is from Amazon because it’s actually a little cheaper and available in a ton of colors via Amazon. You’re all fucking welcome lol.


Cotton On Fixed Triangle Bikini Top in Black – $10.00 


I’m not gonna lie – I ALWAYS feel a little shitty when I purchase something from the clearance section knowing damn well that I can’t share the original product link with you guys.

My sincerest apologies but I picked this up from the sale section of my local Cotton On store and as soon as I got home to write this blog, I could not find it on their website to save my little life. I’m SO sorry! However, the bright side is that this is a super standard black triangle bikini top that most swimwear brands carry – the only reason why the Cotton On top specifically caught my eye was because it has unique rose gold hardware.

The link I provided above is from Target where they sell (basically) the same thing but cheaper than what even I paid, so I hope that makes up for it! Also, I know this bikini top doesn’t technically qualify as “rave wear” – but there are no rules when it comes to creating rave looks. In fact, most of the things from my last rave haul for EDC Las Vegas where purchased from the women’s intimates section of Urban Outfitters – so don’t @ me PLUR people.



And that wraps up our super special Escape Halloween: Psycho Circus 2018 rave haul! I hope you all enjoyed looking over my upcoming festival looks and maybe got a little outfit inspo from your girl. I can’t wait to headbang my life away at Escape – stay tuned on my Instagram stories to watch the good times unfold. Till next time fam 🙂



Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 6.53.50 PM

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