My Amazon Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Hi friends and fam!

Ok, dude. Bruh. The year is almost over – like, wtf?

I cannot even believe that I’m sitting here writing another holiday gift guide for ANOTHER Christmas season. I’m a little shook (as if you couldn’t already tell), but that’s not the important part – we are all here for fire gift ideas and suggestions!

One of the best decisions I made earlier this year was becoming a member of Amazon Prime. Now, I am not one to normally advocate for subscription services but when it comes to convenience and legitimately saving money, I genuinely believe Amazon Prime is where it’s at.

Because Amazon Prime has played a monumental part in my life this year, especially when it came to finding amazing last-minute gifts, I figured this season would be the perfect time to prove just how lit shopping on Amazon is. Ok, I’ll stop rambling now and transform into your personal Amazon shopper!

Let’s jump into the gift guide:



1. Kopari Beauty Face The Day Kit – $40.00


Kopari Beauty Face The Day kit


Ok guys, so this should come as no surprise that I’m a die-hard lover of beauty gift sets. This one in particular is from an amazing brand local to San Diego that literally blew up on social media. Kopari has some of the most innovative and clean beauty products on the market, so I am OBSESSED with giving these types of items to all my friends so they can take care of their face and body without getting ridiculous synthetic ingredients in their bloodstream! You know how I hate when that happens.


2. Plant Terrarium/Glass Planter – $10.99

Plant Terrarium


Isn’t this little motherfucker SO cute? One of the biggest trends I’ve noticed in interior design and home decor lately are unique terrariums and planters – so if you have anyone in your life who is a true plant mom or dad then this is the gift for them. You can spend up to hundreds of dollars on high-end planters but there are also really cost-effective options on Amazon as well. Personally, I love taking care of plants and consider them to be like my children. I even give my plants names! Yup, I’m that bitch and if you get this new planter, you could be too!



3. Hershel Supply Co. Cruz Cross Body Bag In Ash Rose – $34.99

Herschel Supply Co Cruz Cross Body bag


No joke – out of everything in this gift guide, this is probably my favorite thing and the one item I’d be most excited to receive as a Christmas gift. I mean, you can’t really go wrong with a quality and stylish bag that is small enough to literally grab and go but still study enough to trust in any situation. The Hershel Supply Co. brand is by far one of my absolute favorites for any sort of functional bag and they also make my favorite rave-appropriate fanny pack in case you want to check that out as well on my EDC Las Vegas rave haul!



4. Swisselite Hourglass Timer – $16.99


Is this not the most amazingly aesthetic hourglass timer you’ve ever seen in your life? This recommendation comes with a little story – SO, I was looking for a really simple but unforgettable gift for one of my friends who recently moved into a super modern, chic studio in Downtown San Diego and this instantly caught my eye! I didn’t even know that hourglass sand timers were still used, much less being manufactured since we live in such a digitally driven world, but my friend was beyond ecstatic when he received this and thankfully it fits into virtually any aesthetic. A++ on this item Amazon!



5. Rose Quartz Face Roller – $16.99


Rose Quartz Face Roller


Look, fam.

If you care at all about your face – you kinda sorta really need this! Earlier this year I learned about a super unique skincare treatment called lymphatic drainage. In a nutshell, lymphatic drainage is the act helping to depuff your face and iron out wrinkles (or prevent them altogether!) through efficient facial massage. This tool is one of my die-hard favorites and tons of brands like Herbivore and Skin Gym recently launched similar products ranging anywhere from $25-$50. The one I personally use on a daily basis was purchased on Amazon and if you have a skincare obsessed person in your life then this. Is. The. Gift. For. Them.

Trust me!



Ok ladies and gents – that wraps up this year’s extra special holiday gift guide. I hope you enjoyed getting in touch with your inner-Santa and found some inspiration for a few hella functional Christmas gifts. My minimalist lifestyle choice would never allow me to shove useless products down your throat so I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading my post of Amazon finds with actual purpose!

Till next time 🙂


Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 6.53.50 PM














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