Winter 2019 Fashion Haul ft. UO, H&M, GAP Factory

Happy New Year!

I’m sure you’re all pretty fucking tired of that phrase, but I am very pleased to find myself back to creating new content and starting 2019 off strong with an exciting winter fashion haul. Today, I found a little time to photograph my closet and curate a post with some new pieces I recently added to my wardrobe. Like I’ve mentioned in past hauls, I am still  happily riding the minimalist fashion train and only indulging myself in responsible purchases – no more impulse buys here!

I’d like to know how you guys, my loving readers and supporters, feel about the concept of only buying garments that you could see yourself wearing for 2 to 5 (or even 10) years. That’s my personal fashion goal and I intend to see it through as 2019 goes by.

Now, without going on a tangent on sustainability and minimalism, let’s get into the haul!


Urban Outfitters BDG Girlfriend High-Rise Jean in Light Wash – $69.00

BDG Girlfriend High-Rise Jean - Light Wash

Ok, so it’s no big shock that I’m a huge fan of a great fitting pair of jeans and these BDG Girlfriend jeans don’t disappoint. I had a pair of these exact jeans in a darker wash a few years back, but quickly outgrew them once I began my fitness/healthy weight gain journey (you can read more about that here) and seriously missed how flattering they fit on my body. If you’re not into skinny jeans – I TOTALLY recommend opting for the Girlfriend fit instead!


Urban Outfitters Out From Under Hyacinth Long Sleeve Bodysuit – $39.00

Out From Under Hyacinth Long Sleeve Bodysuit

OMG. I can’t even begin to describe how beautifully soft and comfortable this bodysuit is. The material feels heavenly to the touch and this style is perfect for layering under cardigans, jackets, or coats. It may sound a little ironic for someone who lives in sunny SoCal, but I’m actually obsessed with thermals and anything alike so this bodysuit is easily a 10/10!



Gap Factory Sherpa-Lined Parka – $119.00 

Sherpa-Lined Parka

Speaking of being from sunny SoCal –

I’d like to introduce you guys to my new favorite parka! My inner-Lindsey Weir from Freaks & Geeks is truly flourishing this winter. It’s taken me almost 4 years to purchase a new winter-appropriate jacket and I definitely believe I hit the jackpot with this piece.

This was my first time shopping online at GAP Factory and I was genuinely shocked to see that they actually offer the most PERFECT basics, like this parka, at a decent sale price. Kudos, GAP Factory! This is probably the one piece out of this entire haul that I see getting the most use.


H&M Fine Knit Sweater in Light Beige Melange – $19.99 

Fine-knit Sweater

Those of you who know me in a real life know that I went through a mini crisis at the beginning of the season. In early november, I found myself without any sweaters. Yup. I had NO sweaters. I couldn’t believe how freaking unprepared I was for the cold weather that I had to literally haul ass to the mall and look for some super affordable, warm options to fill the emptiness in my winter wardrobe. Trust and believe if it wasn’t for the upmost necessity, I would NOT be encouraging anyone to shop at H&M.



H&M Wool-Blend Sweater in Light Grey – $34.99 

hmgoepprod (1)

Again, I was in NEED of cheap sweaters! Don’t get me wrong, I know that a lot of the brands I wear are not the most ethical, but there’s something extra devilish about H&M that makes me feel a slight chill down my spine as I endorse their clothing. If finances didn’t have to play a part in where and how I shop, I can guarantee that I wouldn’t add another piece of H&M clothing to any future hauls.

That being said – I willingly chose to buy this sweater because I liked the light grey color and thought that stripes were an easy, yet trendy way to break up all the solid basics in future outfits. The link I have is not for the actual H&M sweater (it is sold out – sorry!), but instead a super similar style from a different retailer.



Ok friends and fam! That’s all I got for today. I hope you enjoyed perusing through my newest closet companions and winter fashion finds. Not too certain what the next post will be about, but I’m excited to see where this YourGirlChase journey is going. Thanks again for being patient with me and supporting every aspect of my random creative endeavors. You da realest!

Till next time 🙂






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