Embracing Minimalism: My Minimalist Home

Ok, let’s get into it. We’re all here for one reason and one reason only.  Fellow design enthusiasts and self-proclaimed home decor experts are curious as to what a minimalist home looks like, and I am more than happy to welcome you into my world!

Now, before you try to educate me on what YOU think minimalism should look like, I encourage you to go watch Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things. It’ll open your mind and teach you a thing or two about the realities of living as a minimalist.

*I’d also like to add a little disclaimer*

My home is not always this neat and tidy. I am human. There are days when I don’t remember to take out the trash or let weeks go by without wiping the mirrors down. Life is messy, don’t beat yourself up about it.


Now – without further adu – here’s a glance into my minimalist life!


The beauty of living in a small space is that it forces you to get creative with storage. Instead of keeping my necklaces in a separate jewelry box, I decided to invest in this unique mirror that also doubles as an organizer. This is one of my favorite decor items because it serves multiple purposes:

A.) It allows me to catch a glimpse of my makeup  before I leave the house

B.) It houses and separates my delicate chain necklaces and everyday hoops

C.) It helps me aesthetically express my undying love for the moon

Originally, I purchased this mirror online from Urban Outfitters last summer so unfortunately it is no longer available for sale. That being said, I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging so I spent some time trolling the internet for something super similar – here is a link to another moon mirror! It’s not an EXACT match, but still just as aesthetic and minimalist-friendly.



I thrifted that floral vintage purse from my local Buffalo Exchange for $10! Such a steal and it does an amazing job at filling an empty space. The triangle shelf is from Urban Outfitters (big shock) and is also available in black if copper isn’t your vibe.



As far as organization goes – I like to separate my light wash denim from my dark wash/black jeans in folded stacks. It just makes it super easy to look through and decide what bottom I want to wear when I’m planning my daily outfit.

Another thing I personally like to do is fold down my t-shirts and keep them separate from the tops that hang in my closet. To be perfectly honest, I hardly ever wear t-shirts so I put them on the lowest shelf because they’re not a huge priority for me.

Sorry, not sorry.



Last but not least, this is my favorite little area of my home. This table holds all of my most aesthetic artifacts that I utilize either for flat-lay photos, or just everyday life! I know it may seem like there’s a ton of stuff on the table but because each item has it’s place and they all live within the same color palette, it’s not cluttered or visually disruptive.



Ok, friends and fam. I hope you had fun taking a peek at my living quarters! I surprisingly enjoyed taking photos of my home and it’s really given me a greater appreciation for living a minimalist lifestyle. Again, I’d like remind you all that my house does NOT always look this way and, believe it or not, everyone is messy. Accept it.

Till next time!













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