Stay Awhile: Los Angeles Travel Guide

Hi friends!

Ok, first of all, this blog post was quite an effort to execute. Over the past year and a half, I’ve made it my personal mission to become better acquainted with Los Angeles and it’s been a blast.

While I’m not gonna sit here and pretend to be an expert on all things Hollywood, I am going to present you with a little list of amazing places that I’d HIGHLY recommend to anyone with a yearning to explore the city.

The places I’m about to mention are all tried and true spots that won me over and helped ease my fear of the city. In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and put this in writing now (because that’s how you make it real) and state that I, Perla Chase, will one day reside in LA . . .

Now, don’t get me wrong! I love San Diego and it’ll always be my main home but after getting to know LA, I think one of my new life goals is to afford living part-time in LA and part-time in San Diego. I genuinely believe it would be so dope to have my own studio apartment in Downtown SD and my own studio apartment in LA (area TBD) as well.

Crazy? Probably. Expensive? Fuck yeah. Impossible? I don’t think so!

Ok, enough about me and my life goals – let’s get into the list:



Um, yeah I think it goes without saying that Los Angeles is home to so many unique, independently-owned restaurants and here are a few of my absolute faves. For the record, I have an entire list of eateries in LA (and SD) that I’m still curious to try – so please don’t hesitate to slide into my DM’s if you’d like to explore those with me!


Wake + Late

The Hart + The Hunter

Urth Caffé

189 By Dominique Ansel

Bonus – The Anaheim Packing District: Food Hall

(I know it’s not technically in Los Angeles, but it is en route if you’re traveling north from San Diego)







Believe it or not, I rarely ever shop. Like, legit. Adopting a minimalist lifestyle made me realize how much I don’t need. However, if you’re looking to go on a bad and boujee LA shopping spree – these are the places to go! Whether you’re looking for some crystals or a cute rave look or stocking up on aesthetic skincare, these shops are where it’s at.

House Of Intuition

Dolls kill

Madewell and Nordstrom @ The Grove


Crossroads Trading Co.

American Vintage USA

UO on Melrose Ave







One of my favorite things about living in SoCal is having the chance to see iconic live musical acts. In fact, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to see most of my favorite DJs and artists in LA. That said, here are a few venues for the best music experiences.

The Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall

Hollywood Palladium

Los Angeles Convention Center

The Belasco Theatre

Exchange LA

Bonus – Griffith Observatory

(The Griffith Observatory is obviously not a live music venue, but I do consider it a great source of entertainment for any amateur astronomer i.e. me)

2019-02-23 213542.326





Oh how I wish I had endless funds to explore more of the beautiful hotels that Los Angeles has to offer. I’m not too sure how or when I became an avid hotel connoisseur, but I’m drop dead OBSESSED with staying in aesthetic boutique hotels. In fact, I honestly prefer it over AirBnb. . . but that’s just me. . .

The Mayfair Hotel

Hotel Normandie

The Line Hotel

(Disclaimer: I have YET to actually stay at The Line Hotel, but I’m dying to! If anyone is down, please let me know and we can plan a weekend trip to LA)



Ok friends and fam . . .

I think that is all I’ve got to share with you today. Hope you enjoyed my recommendations! I definitely plan on continuing my exploration in becoming a true Los Angelino so (if you’re into it) feel free to keep up with me and my endless adventures on IG Stories. Till next time 🙂




Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 6.53.50 PM












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